Cultural Center


Home Management

12-hour modules: time planning, housekeeping, the care of clothes, cooking, menus, the art of receiving.

After schooling and study techniques

For grade students: study from class until exam, programming the agenda, how to take notes, the curve of memory, comprehension and exercises, how to do an schema, revisions.
Study techniques are applied in a study room directed by prepared monitors and  with a personal follow-up



Respecting life from conception till the last stage: assisted conception, embryo life , moral implications of genetics, when life is not perfect, accompany in the last stage.

Language modules

Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic in cycles of 42 hours per level.


9 conferences per year to aware about society issues and give women leaders inspiration to be solution makers.

Education to citizenship, the role of fashion, professional ethics, ecology, responsible architecture, and  other items approached in a participatory way.