The An Nawras center’s LEAD program aims to help female high school and university students design a personal project that combines confidence and realism about their personal gifts along with the magnanimity to get involved in benefitting their environment.

It is an annual program and is structured through three elements:

  1. First: 10 theoretical sessions with a very participatory and dynamic approach. These sessions are divided into three modules:
  2. a) Self-knowledge and motivation: the participants reflect on their natural strengths and weaknesses derived from their temperament to carry out a life project based on self-esteem and knowledge of their limitations.
  3. b) Citizenship: the concepts of civic involvement for the common good are reinforced, and girls are encouraged to have a magnanimous vision of their dreams, which includes the prosperity of others and service to society.
  4. c) Social project: participants are introduced to the conceptual tools necessary to develop a small-scale social project.
  5. Secondly, and simultaneously to the theoretical sessions, the girls participate in some volunteering activities along the year: helping the elderly or orphans, distributing basic necessities among people with limited resources … this volunteering is part of their school curriculum.
  6. Third, and as the final stage of the program, the girls develop a social project based on the tools acquired during the theoretical sessions: they choose an area of action, plan the project and carry it out. This experience makes it possible for them to continue multiplying actions in favor of the community on their own.

Around 25 girls participate each year in the program, which is beginning to be known and esteemed among social agents in the area.


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