About us

AN NAWRAS is a training center for women from early school through maturity. Its objective is to support family and youth by leadership programs.
It offers training courses, personal coaching, conferences and other activities directed to empower adult women and youth to face their family, professional and academic challenges and to provide them with a society service commitment.
AN NAWRAS also offers spiritual activities provided by the Opus Dei Prelature, an institution of the Catholic Church, www.opusdei.org.


More than in other epochs, we see today, at all levels, how urgent it is to assist families with greater difficulties. A person isn’t born knowing how to be a father or mother, a husband or wife; we need to learn this ourselves and help other spouses and parents to do so. Families who help other families! (…) how much can be done to prepare couples well and follow closely those who are recently married, or who are going through a bad stretch!

Letter from the Prelate of Opus Dei 4 June 2017


In Krakow, at the opening of the last World Youth Day, I asked you several times: “Can we change things?” And you shouted: “yes!”. That shout came from your young and youthful hearts, which do not tolerate injustice and cannot bow to a “throw-away culture” nor give in to the globalization of indifference. Listen to the cry arising from your inner selves!

Letter of his Holiness Pope Francis to young people, 13 January 2017

AN NAWRAS is a project of PRODES, NGO. 

PRODES was founded in Lebanon in 1998 by a group of women in order to contribute to the social and cultural development of a country that was emerging from a civil war.

PRODES mission is to promote an active, positive and responsible participation from the citizens in the Lebanese society in order to find solutions for the problems respecting the traditions of the country.

PRODES beneficiaries are preferably women and youth, as they will play a particularly important role in the local planning and social mobilization process.